Thursday, June 25, 2009


I recently (June 23, 2009) became certified as a CISSP® by (ISC)2.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BlackBerries and E-Mail

Why is it after all these years in the messaging business BlackBerries cannot handle E-mail as well as my old Pocket PC or Zaurus handhelds did? Sure they weren't cellular, but they could handle POP and IMAP over wired or wireless 802.11 connections without help. Even encrypted IMAP wasn't a problem.

Yes I can access my IMAP account from my Blackberry, but it has to use an intermediary server hosted by RIM which means that I have to enter my e-mail credentials for my private personal account into RIM's server so that it can check my IMAP mail and relay it to my Blackberry. Why doesn't my Blackberry come with an IMAP capable e-mail client?

The way they are doing it now has several problems.
#1 I have to give RIM my account info instead of just inputting it into a device that would normally be on my person.
#2 I can't access anything but the inbox. None of the other folders are available via this 2 stage e-mail retrieval process.
#3 (ok this is more a complaint about the OTHER type of e-mail BlackBerries do....) My BES e-mail from work doesn't get it's own icon like the BIS ones do so while I can look at each of my personal mail accounts individually, when I want to read my work e-mails it's all mixed up with the e-mails from my home accounts.

If I could have encrypted IMAP done on a 400 Mhz ARM processor 8 years ago, why can't my BB Storm do it?