Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Microsoft Dropping Patch Support for Vista SP1

If you still run Microsoft Vista (what are you crazy? update to Windows 7, it'll be like getting a new computer) and you haven't got SP2 (Service Pack # 2) installed yet, get on it.

MS is not going to offer any more patches to SP1.
 If you don't have SP2 installed download it now. You can use automatic update, or you can download it from here and burn it to a CD if you have more than 1 computer that needs it:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bad People Project Updated

I got this e-mail from ISECOM today:

Subject: Kids Don't See Hackers as Bad People

Apparently not, there's not a single hacker in the bunch at 
http://www.badpeopleproject.org   ;)

Guess they're not scary enough.

We upgraded the Bad People research project and gallery and now need 
your submissions too.

Hand a child paper and pencil to draw you a picture of a bad person. 
Don't give hints, suggestions, or influence the child in any way. Ask 
the child to explain the picture to you. Scan/photograph that picture 
with explanation and e-mail it to the Bad People Project. We don't 
need names but we do need regional location, gender, and age. It's 
that easy!

All your submissions count and you ISECOM readers are from all around 
the world which makes it even better as a cultural study in security.

Thanks in advance for your participation and enjoy the new gallery.


If you have kids in the taget age group help them do this research, have your kids draw what they think a bad person looks like. There are some really reallly bad looking people in the gallery already. (knife and gun toting mummies, etc.) but it's not a contest to see who comes up with the worst bad-guy, they want to see all of the the variety of what kids think real-life bad-guys are like.