Thursday, September 13, 2007

September is National Preparedness Month

In the USA September is now National Preparedness Month thanks to the disaster on Sept. 11 a few years back.

Everyone (not just US residents) is encouraged to take a look at how prepared you are for an emergency. Would you do OK in a week long blackout like some folks had in 2003? what about if the roads were closed too?

Some good tips are make sure you have an emergency kit including first aid gear water and food (and a can opener to get at the food), a fire extinguisher, cash, prescription meds, matches ...and of course the techy stuff...

  1. Have a radio for communications (at least an FRS/GMRS radio, they are cheap and you can contact your neighbors on the emergency calling channel (#1).

  2. Have a phone that doesn't need power. (an old fashioned touch tone/rotary one with a cord).

  3. If you already have a CB and a GMRS radio look into learning enough about Amateur (HAM) Radio to get a license and pick up one of those too. HAM Radio allows much longer distance communications than either of the unlicensed radio bands.

  4. Get involved with CERT, ARES, RACES, Red Cross, Neighborhood Watch, or some other organization that might be talking about emergency preparedness right now.

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