Friday, June 18, 2010

Playstation Move Makes The PS3 More Like The Wii

Earlier I wrote about how Kinect was making Xbox360 work more like the Wii, well, Move is Playstation's answer to the active gaming trend.

You Can see a picture of the Move Motion controler with it's little motion capture ball on the end, and the associated Move Navigation Controller here:
It will look very familiar to Wii gamers. The two piece controller is remarkably similar to the Wiimote, but reportedly much more accurate. These controllers also rely on the use of the Playstation Eye camera.

At $50 for the motion controller, $30 for the navigation controller, and $40 for the camera it comes out a little bit cheaper than the MS Kinect system, and not all games will require all 3 parts.

This should end up being an interesting year for videogames with these new motion controllers and 3D gaming toys from both Sony and Nintedo.
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