Friday, April 08, 2011

Take Back The Light

I know that the programme has been running for a year now, but I still get people asking me what to do with the used Compact Flourescent (CFL) light bulbs AKA twisty bulbs when they die.

Mainly they ask because with very few exceptions (a few vanity bulbs in the bathroom) all of my lights have been converted to CFL or halogen. (Halogen because low wattage halogen was available before high power dimmable LED) While CFL bulbs are available cheap in quantity these days, people are still reluctant because they don't know what to do with them when they die. It says right on the package that you shouldn't put them in the garbage because they contain mercury which could poison the water supply.

Anywhere in Ontario you can return ANY flourescent light tube, CFL or long tube style, to ANY Canadian Tire store.You just take it to the customer service area, and they have a bin specifically for CFL recycling. If you can't fit the bulb into the bin (because it's a long blub, or because the bin is full) just hand it over the desk to the clerk. Done.

They have them picked up and taken to a recycling facility in Ayr, Ontario, where they are safely recycled.

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