Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Kindles Announced Yesterday

I like the keypad on the Kindles of the current generation, but the touch would be nice. No mention in this article of whether the Fire uses LCD or the new colour E-ink, but it turns out it is only an IPS LCD panel (IPS is good for LCD, and being a tablet rather than a colour e-book LCD makes sense, but I was hoping to see some colour e-ink this fall.
The good news for consumers is that they're all priced below $200, with the low end, smaller kindle at only $79 USD.

Sadly, no new DX model yet. I like the DX size for reading Adobe PDF formatted e-books (computer manuals, text books, gaming books). Maybe the next DX will be the colour e-ink model???

Here's a link to the CNET story:
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