Friday, December 14, 2012

SANS's New Monthly Awareness Video Page

Securing The Human is a corporate security awareness training program based around a bundle of 2-6 minute computer animated videos that each highlight an aspect of computer security. The full corporate training program costs $3000 or more per year (unless you are in the government or education sectors), and includes tracking employee views to allow for completion certificates to be e-mailed out and to give managers a log of employee completion of the training so that you can use that for compliance purposes. It also allows custom content such as policy documents to be attached to the training materials.

The good news for really small organisations that cannot afford even the $3000 small business package (which allows you to have upto 750 seats) is that they now offer one video per month for free, but obviously you'd have to track who watched it yourselves. Maybe you could hold a monthly staff meeting and review the video together. Better yet, this allows private individuals who are not employed by a company that subscribes to the Securing the Human program to have access to the materials at home.

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