Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Blackberry Z10 is a nice phone that runs the new Blackberry 10 OS.

I have had one for a few days, and there are 2 downsides I see with it. #1 terrible battery life compared to older blackberries. (the best I have achieved so far is 17 hours with Wifi and Bluetooth both on)

#2 is the lack of Apps. My old BlackBerry had Kindle, RSA SecurID, and Google Authenticator. None of these are available for my new BB10 phone.

They are available on Android though, and Blackberry 10 kind of, sort of supports Android software. What you need to do to load android software is somehow get your hands on a .bar file of it and sideload from your PC.

You would use DDPB on your PC to sideload apps.
Sideloading can only put the app in the personal side of the BB10 device.

Instructions on how to do that are here in this video from

Once you have that program installed on your PC you can download already tested .bar files from

If you can't find the files you want you can get the .apk from any android device by installing airdroid on the android phone/tablet and connecting to it's webpage from a PC This will let you download the apps that are installed on the android device.
Once you have the .apk file you can convert it to a .bar file here.

I have converted the Google Authenticator for Gmail 2 factor authentication. The converted .bar version does not scan the QR code like it does on Android, but that's OK with me, I had to type the key code into the one on the old blackberry too. 

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