Friday, October 20, 2006

Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft released the official version of Internet Explorer 7 this past Wednesday after a year and a half of Beta testing.

IE7 brings the following much needed and/or highly desirable features to the table:

  1. Disabled Active X by default : helps reduce chances of a website inserting malicious code (ie viruses, pop-up ad software...) into your computer.

  2. Phishing Filter: Helps even the less computer saavy users avoid being scammed online.

  3. Pop-up blocker: obvious isn't it?

  4. Tabs: Just like on Firefox. Gives you a new way to organize webpages on your screen for easier web surfing of multiple pages at once.

  5. RSS Feeds: delivers news to your web browser in a more efficient manner.

  6. PNG transparency support: will help web designers create much more attractive and customizable sites by allowing variable levels of transparancy in graphics so that the backgrounds can be changed to different colours and show through the image.

  7. Better compatibility with W3C web standards: makes it easier for designers to build web pages that just work with every browser.

Internet Explorer 7 can be downloaded from Microsoft's site.
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