Tuesday, September 10, 2013


There are going to be a few changes around here.

I realized that try as I might, I have not been sticking to the "Practical Tech Tips and Reviews for Everyday Users" in my tag line. In fact I don't think in the 8 years this blog has been going, I have ever written a review.

That tag line has limited what I feel is appropriate to post to this blog, which has meant that some things I might like to post never get posted for fear of scaring away the "Everyday Users" ...but then what I do post is often too technical for that demographic anyway. This week marks a change in the focus of this blog. From now on, I'm just dropping the tag line all together.  I will make no assumptions about who my audience is, and will post things strictly according to what I think is interesting enough, or important enough to share.

I will still try not to just repeat what you can find elsewhere on the internet. Inevitably I will talk about subjects that are being talked about somewhere else, but weighing in heavily with my own views, opinions and experiences. Some times things might get more technical around here than you are used to seeing here, but other times I might just share fun stuff I've found.

I hope that most of my readers will stay, but I am not writing this strictly to entertain one group of people, but because I have some things I'd like to share, and I will share with whomever is still listening.

Visible changes in the immediate future will be limited to just the logo at the top of the screen will lose that tagline. Over time though, I expect the blog content on average will get more technical, but not overwhelmingly so for anyone who already considers themselves a techie or advanced user.
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